A Mother's Day Tribute: Kids, This O.N.E. Is For You

A Mother’s Day Tribute

This Mother’s Day, I want to celebrate all the moms and the individuals who have assumed “mother” roles out there. We are a diverse group with multiple identities. Whether you are a Professional mom, Expectant mom, First-time/New mom, Single mom, Non-traditional mom, At-home mom, Surrogate mom, Step mom, Adoptive mom, Grand mom, or Future mom, I applaud you for doing the best you can, for being there for so many others, for your self-sacrifice, and for your perseverance. Today, and in my opinion, every day, should be a celebration of the important role you hold in your families. Keep up the great work and try to forgive yourself on those tough days.

This is a special day for me because of the love, eagerness, and zeal I see in my children as they prepare their special cards and gifts to express their love and admiration. Little do they know, they don’t need to do anything more today than they already do every day. From the minute I get home from my commute, often tired from a long day of work (and too often frustrated by the construction zones and traffic jams), I am cheerfully greeted with the sparkling gleam in their eyes, bright smiles, and football tackle hugs, to their rapid fire explosive monologues about the interesting or funny thing that happened in their day…and I have barely gotten out of the car. Are there days when I wish they would give me a minute to at least get through the door? Of course. But when I reflect on how their gestures convey the genuine love that they feel for me, I am melted by tears of love in return, and feel honored to be loved so unconditionally by another. I am humbled by the amount of admiration, trust, and influence they automatically bestow me. I strive each day to be a good role model for them; I’m not always successful. Despite the inevitable bumps, they always manage to forgive. My mother modeled self-sacrifice and through her selfless gestures, conveyed an unwavering love to my sister and me. My children have taught me the power of forgiveness, and how “freeing” that can be. I have to remind myself of this on the days when I am feeling guilty for working late, or not being able to attend an event at their school, or forgetting to include a favorite item in their lunch. Apologize, try to forgive yourself, and make a concerted effort the next day. In other words, strive to be good enough. I hope this will be one of the important lessons I pass on to my children.

Olivia, Noah, Emma– thank you for your love, trust, and understanding. You guys are my “O.N.E.” true love. On this Mother’s Day and every day, I thank God for already giving me the greatest gift I will ever receive.